Wedding Invitation Mirrors
by Denise MacDonald Stanley
Everything I learned I have learned from my dad!  He has made these mirrors for over 20 years.
All of our wedding invitation mirrors are custom made.  The mats, frame, glass and mirror are all cut to dimensions
determined by the size of the invitation.With the combination of sizes, colors and frame styles no two are alike.  That's why
ready made frames and mats don't work. Here are some steps in putting together a typical wedding invitation mirror.
My Fletcher mat cutter makes cutting double mats fun.
Cutting a piece of clear glass.
Making the miter cut on a piece of moulding.
Here I'm sealing up the backer board, the
invitation, the double mat and the clear glass
with 3M tape.
Cutting the mirror.
Measuring for the mirror.
Assembling the frame using my foot operated vee
nailer.  It holds the frame tight and inserts a special V
nail up into the back securing the joint.  I also apply
glue to the joint before .
Securing everything in place with framers points.
Papering the back.
Attaching the stainless steel wire and flanger brackets.
Lastly my label goes on.
The finished product.